Friday, 8 October 2010

Running Good?

Beginning to play a little more poker now as life becomes more settled.

University effectively starts on Monday, the full timetable takes effect. I'm completely bombarded with work and what with lots of other responsibilities within uni now (final year, giving it my all, boosting CV, searching for perfect job, yada yada yada) and maintaining a healthy relationship - I have little free time. That said, I'm enjoying it a lot more and although its the usual thing ("new term, new start" philosophy) I do feel as though I'm doing well and enjoying it most importantly. Baby steps!

But due to the above I'm actually set in a routine and because of that I find little pockets of time to do what I want with. I'm completely hammering the gym and loving it so that ends up being my preference if I have a spare hour here and there. That only supports my routine though and enables me to stick to it. On the accommodation front its all sorted and I'm going to stay put until Xmas. I think this will be for the best for a multitude of reasons.

So, poker. I've got a casino day lined up with a friend in a couple of weeks so that will be my first taste of the live circuit in a while. Online however, I'm playing on a daily basis. Fundamentally though its just cash, I'm not able to dedicate an evening to getting on the tournament grind and I fear this could be the case for the foreseeable future. I'm mixing a few SNGs in where I can but I might have a free hour or so and boot up 4 tables of 50/1. I've done this virtually everyday and without getting PT up I'd be confident of saying I've knocked up a fair few thousand hands, and been profitable. Undoubtedly a tiny sample size and undoubtedly there were phases of run good in there but nonetheless I'm feeling pretty happy. I'm also sticking to a system I have in place. I'm maintaining the roll at figure 'x' and withdrawing regularly for every $100+ I have earned. It means the roll isn't growing but given I'm unable to commit any serious amount of time to poker or get on the grind more consistently with a particular game, it makes sense to just let it pay for my expenses on a day-to-day basis.

Now I'm beginning to find my feet a bit more and settling in to my routine I'm hoping I can report on some progress on the poker front a bit more. At the moment its sort of like a fix, I'm eager to play but unable to commit to the 2am nights again. That was a dangerous game last year and as its my final year there is no way I'm going there again. Equally, if I can't put in the volume then there's no point. I predicted this would happen in the final year so I'll have to make a way round it! For now that's grinding the cash games where possible so I'll report on a bi-weekly basis on that front!


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